Progressives for Shapiro

A grassroots effort supporting Peter Shapiro for At-Large D.C. Council

Uniting Behind Shapiro

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The District of Columbia is in crisis. Earlier this year, a member of the D.C. Council resigned in disgrace immediately before pleading guilty to embezzlement. Right now, at least one member of the Council is under federal investigation for fundraising improprieties. A little over a week ago, we learned that a prolific bagman and bundler for the mayor and members of the Council was also under federal investigation.

Enough is enough.

On April 3, voters in the District will have a choice to make. Will we accept the status quo—a government filled with self-serving, even corrupt pols—or will we choose an alternative? As progressives, we also have a choice to make. Will we unite behind and fight for a progressive champion, or will we splinter and deliver a victory for the incumbent?

The goal of this site is to unite progressives behind Peter Shapiro for D.C. Council At-Large. We are a diverse group of activists from across the District who believe Peter Shapiro is best equipped to both defeat Vincent Orange and deliver results for our city.

Over the next few weeks, as Election Day nears, we will use this space to explain why Peter is the right choice, and why we are supporting him. We hope that you will join us in supporting Peter, and that you will cast your vote for him in the Democratic primary on April 3.


Written by Dave Stroup

March 10, 2012 at 9:44 pm

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